Nov 18

Regina police chief admits mistakes were made in Machiskinic death

One day after a coroner’s inquest jury ruled Nadine Machiskinic’s death was “undetermined,” Regina Police Chief Evan Bray admitted mistakes were made in the death investigation but said all evidence pointed to her death as being “accidental.”

“I know that this investigation wasn’t perfect but I am confident that the investigation was complete and I am confident in the finding of our investigation,” Bray said.

“There was nobody else responsible for Nadine’s death. We believe that death to be accidental.”



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    Bray goes on to say the errors were not in part due to bias in the investigation, and that race and lifestyle were in no way a factor in the delayed response.

    “The Regina police will not ever conduct an investigation based on interpretation of a person’s lifestyle, race, gender, bias like that won’t, won’t find its way into an investigation,” Bray said.

    From the beginning, police were not called until about 60 hours after her fall. Her toxicology samples were not sent until six months after it was taken due to a miscommunication between police officers.

    Then, almost a year later, police had not requested a hotel guest list.

    “Mistakes were made, delays happened in two or three different instances but it wasn’t because of the person, it was because of some process pieces on our end as a service,” Bray said.

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    Bray said he hopes to plan a meeting with Machiskinic’s family to address any of their concerns.

    Machiskinic was found unresponsive at the bottom of a laundry chute in the basement of the Delta Hotel. She never awoke and died in hospital on Jan 10, 2015.

    He said the case is always open to any new information.

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