Nov 18

Fire officials work around the clock sandbagging near Clandeboye, Manitoba

CLANDEBOYE, Man. —; Fire officials from the RM’s of St. Andrews, Clandeboye and Matlock have been working close to 24 hours sandbagging and pumping water from properties on Netley Creek.

Mayor of St. Andrews, George Pike said water from the creek began to rise quickly on Friday due to an ice jam on the Red River.

No one has been evacuated from their homes as of Saturday afternoon, but Pike said four homeowners are currently stranded due to high water covering a dirt road near the creek.

“We have spoken to those people by phone and they’re quite content to stay it out,” Pike said.

Water levels have already began to drop on Netley Creek since Friday, said Pike. He said officials expect the ice jam to free up within the next four to five days.

For people living in the area close to Petersfield, they said the water began to rise as soon as the floodway near Winnipeg was opened Friday.

Christy-lea Balcaen-olson posted on Facebook that she’s waiting for sandbags to save her home in Petersfield.

Families in Petersfield, Manitoba await sandbags to save their properties from flooding.

Christy-lea Balcaen-olson/Facebook

Fire crews have since pumped water from her backyard, away from her home on Netley Creek. Officials are using sandbags, and a number of pumps to help the around 20 properties directly affected by the flood.

Pike said the RM of St. Andrews has prepared 5000 sandbags for flood season. So far 2000 bags have been used.