Nov 18

City of Regina urging residents to keep an eye on what goes down the drain

Helene Henning-Hill has seen some pretty strange things get flushed down the toilet — everything from underwear to rubber gloves.

That’s why Henning-Hill, the City of Regina’s sewer and drainage operations manager, is visiting the Regina Spring Home Show to educate the public on what should go down the drain.

“There’s only three things for toilets — that’s pee, poo and toilet paper,” Henning-Hill said.


“There’s actually a toilet manufacturer that talks about flushing a bowling ball and when that ad came out, we were finding a lot of balls in our [sewage] system.”

It doesn’t just stop there — those who pour milk, mayonnaise, medication and grease down the sink are also contributing to the problem.

“You’ve got this congealed mass of fat, oil and grease. Other products start to get attracted on top of it — the smaller items like Q-tips, dental floss, hair — and it becomes this really big ball,” Henning-Hill said.

A big ball that is causing big havoc — clogged drains cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs every year.

“We have to send out a jet truck to open those lines up,” Henning-Hill explained. “That is a big expense to the city, and ultimately to the residents of Regina. So [local residents] have to make that linkage that they are impacting our sewer system.

“It’s just a really simple concept — don’t flush your garbage.”

The City of Regina is urging residents to stop flushing garbage, and pay closer attention to what they’re pouring down the drain.

Sarah Komadina/ Global News